Fully Compliant

We adhere to all I.T. and consumer electronic recycling regulations.

Asset Repurposing

We refurbish and redeploy I.T. assets so nothing goes to waste.

We Heart Environment

TechUsed is founded upon environmentally friendly practices.

Zero Waste

Individuals can drop off items to be recycled as well.

about us

We will come survey your retired assets to provide an accurate proposal of the value of your hardware and the amount of time required to remove it from your facility.

Let Us Handle Your Next Hardware Refresh

Employees love getting new laptops, monitors, PC's, smartphones, and other I.T. assets. But what do you do with the current inventory? Let us be your one stop provider of reverse logistics. We have over 10 years experience in the Columbus area.

We will give you a no obligation assessment of the estimated value and weight of your current inventory, and we always pick up free of charge. You never have to ship a thing, and we do all the moving.

We will find the best home for retired assets, environmentally speaking. We donate items to local charities, refurbish and repurpose some items, or we extract, separate, and recycle those items that have reached the end of their useful life.

Have a question or need more info?

TechUsed is located at: 1760 Frebis Ave, Columbus Ohio 43206. Phone: (614) 777-5557